About This Series
The prints in this series were created from sections of several of my abstract and mixed media collage paintings. The texts are my own words, often from phrases that form in my mind unbidden and in response to moments of elation, appreciation, exuberance, challenge, aggravation and sadness.

Though many of my prints originate from imagery of my paintings, they are not reproductions of my paintings. My prints are original digital art produced with archival inks on archival mediums. These open edition prints are produced on demand and every print has my digital signature.

Purchasing Prints
Print prices vary according to your custom selections (size, paper or canvas, frame, etc.). Please visit my print shop to purchase works or select the PURCHASE link under each print image below.

For questions regarding purchasing prints, please email.

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: I almost forgot who I am

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: One day, I woke to find they had eaten my idealism for breakfast.

open edition inkjet print

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: ...be able to express the greatness inside me.

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: ...to successfully describe the worlds of beauty my mind creates

open edition inkjet print
(some of the) Text Reads:
I want to live, have to be where nature/landscape is dominating/the dominating force // multi-colored flower & rice offerings at Ubud doors // sandalwood & color & chaos of India // Leap // Adventure // Experiment // Process // Soar // Quest // looking for signs // shades of gray

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: I used to know everything.

open edition inkjet print
Text Reads: I need a new story.

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