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a series of inkjet prints of places in the world

Most of these prints developed organically from sections of several of my mixed media collage paintings, though some were made straight from my own stock of photographs without first being included in a painting.

(Credits for original photographs: Arlene Scadron, Julie Steiner and myself.)

open edition inkjet print
Place: Obidos, Portugal

open edition inkjet print
Places: Istanbul, Turkey; Rhodes, Greece; New York, United States; Lisbon, Portugal; Myanmar (Burma)

open edition inkjet print
Place: Crete, Greece


open edition inkjet print
Place: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
*a version of this image is in my book, The Genie and Other Micro-Tales.  

open edition inkjet print
Place: Oahu, Hawaii, United States

This series in ongoing—I will add new works if I feel they fit into the theme of this series.

Purchasing Prints
Print prices vary according to your custom selections (print size, paper or canvas, frame).

Visit my print shop to purchase works. Or you can select the
PURCHASE link under each specific print image.

About Prints
Though many of my prints originate from imagery of my paintings, they are not reproductions of my paintings. My prints are original digital art produced with archival inks on archival mediums.

Prints are produced on demand (as orders are placed) and Imagekind both prints and ships the finished product directly to you. Therefore, I do not sign by hand each print ordered through, but every print does contain my digital signature and all prints in this series are open edition.

For more information on their printing process, visit this Imagekind page.

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