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Other Worlds Series / Available Paintings

a series of abstract and collage paintings that evoke other worlds

The title of “Other Worlds” refers to a personal and naturally occurring creative process I experience. I was inspired by the author Orhan Pamuk’s words, “Other worlds are the best consolations,” in reference to his process of living and writing. His observation perfectly captured my internal formation of ideas, which is akin to watching film fragments, in my mind, of an undiscovered story (world) and/or fleeting color images.
Pamuk's phrase also provides one explanation for why a finished art work can feel so satisfying to simply “hang out” with:  it is its own contained world and, simultaneously, it can invoke real and imagined worlds—spaces that offer the possibilities of a haven, the other and the new.

oil, molding paste, metallic leaf, mixed
media on canvas with painted edges
30in x 15in x 3in     
$1,800 / email to purchase

oil, raw silk, metallic leaf on canvas with painted edges
20in x 20in x 2in     
$1,800 / email to purchase

acrylic, molding paste on canvas with painted edges
60in x 48in x 1in     
$4,500 / email to purchase

This series in ongoing—I will add new works if I feel they fit into the theme of this series.

To view sold paintings from this series, please visit my facebook album or my Behance project.

Purchasing Paintings
Prices are listed under each image in US dollars and do not include tax, packing, shipping and insurance, or framing.

Please email for any questions, to purchase art, or to inquire about collaborative projects or commissioning works.

Painting Authenticity
My paintings are one-of-a-kind creations.  I do not sell reproductions (prints) of my paintings.   The prints I create are original digital works of art.

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